Friday, April 9, 2010

Ways to nuture your child musically.

There are many easy ways to nuture your child musically:• Sing, sing, sing! Sing in the car with the radio, makeup songs (or change the words to familiar songs)about whatever you are doing with your little one,changing diaper, going to the store, eating some broccoli. Lullaby time can be the most precious time,singing your child off to sleep with love.• Dance, dance, dance! Put on your favorite dance music and move your bodies. It’s fun to invite friends over and dance together. And while playing a CD in the car is good, your child is buckled in tight and can’t get the large movement experience that is important for rhythm development.• Play, play, play! Get out the pots and pans and have a jam session to some fun and inspiring music that you enjoy. Wooden spoons on plastic bowls and shakers of dried beans in a sealed up water bottle can makesome interesting sounds for children to experimentwith. Children benefit by having different sensory experiences of tapping, shaking and scraping.-from the article Hard Wired for Music, North Central Parenting Group, Parent Times, March 2010

Kathy Rowe, M.A. Music Education and Center Director for Music Together in Phoenix, LLC

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