Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Music Together in Phoenix Journal #2

Dear Kathy,
Last week I went to a community college band concert with my daughter as she needed to fill a "concert attended" requirement for her school. I was amazed at our cool experience together. The band played fun traditional marches as well as a few contemporary pieces. It was the conductor's last concert after many cherished years, the group acknowledged his years of dedication to the group with a moving speech and sweet gifts. The most remarkable part was seeing young college-age players, working-age players, along with many retired-age players; all performing together to create this beautiful music. It made me realize that music is something that can be created, enjoyed and celebrated at ALL ages and stages of our lives.

Music really builds community!This community building happens in our Music Together classes too! Music is so amazing.Until the next note,Kathy

Kathy Rowe, M.A. Music Education, is the center director for Music Together in Phoenix

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